The Piceno Territory

Ascoli Piceno an important Marchigiana destination of the cultural tourism occupies along with its borough the more southern part of the Marche region.
Its very ancient old town completely realized in travertine is situated in an highly suggestive panoramic position. A stroll along the old towns back streets gives an idea of the long history of Ascoli Piceno which was built in the VII century by the Piceni.
Medieval towers, roman ruins, renaissance churches and liberty style buildings sit back with equilibrium and elegance along the old roads and on the many lively and populated squares.
Not only Ascoli Piceno, but the whole homonym borough is able to offer pleasant surprises.

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The Piceno territory extends between the Adriatic coast and the chain of mountains known as the sibillini and the monti della Laga which in total includes 33 mountainous, hillside and coastal councils. It’s characterized by a landscape of notable importance which within a small distance moulds together the beaches with the hills and mountains.

Together with these historical and cultural elements, there are the architectural heritage and traditional food and handicraft production to make this area highly touristic. The landscape is characterized by three valleys, the chain of mountains which include the sibillini and the monti della laga appears in all its beauty enhanced by picturesque old towns perched on the hill tops as if to guard the land below.

This land is well cared for and wisely cultivated with vineyards, olive groves, orchard and cereals in a wonderful succession of colours and scents.

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